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Hopeful Skies by CelticWolfie
Hopeful Skies
Yep, its hopeful again. She's enjoying cloud watching, or just the blue sky.  I decided to draw hopeful again for some reason. I may draw more later on or draw different characters soon. It really does depend. 
Hopeful refrence by CelticWolfie
Hopeful refrence
I know it's small... And I do apologize if this character bothers some. if it does, just send me a note and I'll do something about it. And yes, I finally did something digital-ish. I kinda just drew this in one of my sketch books and drew over the original drawing with the touch pad of the computer. Also, who knew that drawing with a touch pad was hard? x.x

Okay, here is her history, its not perfect and may have typos.

This young filly was born in a family of earth ponies. Her parents had given her the name Hopeful as they felt that she would be one full of dreams and hope. Her mother was the homely type, the type that loved cooking for company. Her father was a coach for ground sports. He was the one that encouraged her to push her legs to their limit. She originally lived in the western town of appaloosa, there she would use the land as her make-shift track and obstacle course. Though, that was what she did when she was not called to school and chores. During school she had a hard time sitting still and failed many of her tests. Though, anything that had sports, she pounced on.

As time went one many of her class mates were getting their cutie mark and she wasn’t. She was often teased for it, but did her best to keep her chin up. When she was about thirteen, she did have to leave the town to Manehatten. The reason being was that she had to go to visit an aunt, who was not faring well. When then got there, the uncle treated the nice and allowed them to visit her aunt.

Days passed by until she found herself alone in the building. She wondered around the halls until she found a note explaining the absence of her family. They had to rush her aunt to the hospital and before she read the rest of the note, she grabbed he bags and rushed out. She had called for a taxi and leapt on as soon as one came. She asked the driver to take the quickest way to the hospital and to go as fast as they can. The driver complied went through a rather dangerous short cut.  The road was narrow and uneven. The road was rather slick as well and when the driver stopped suddenly, the cart’s momentum pushed bot the driver and her into the busy traffic. A sharp pain rippled through her body at a constant speed as she saw shards of wood and glass everywhere.

When she awoke, she tried to move her legs. To her response, her hind legs were the ones that responded. Her green eyes were slowly readjusting to the bright lights of the hospital. Once everything was focusing, with the sharp headache, she noticed that she was connected to some machines. There was also an oxygen mask obstructing her view to her leg. Adjusting herself, she saw what had happened to her front legs. They were gone, amputated from the shoulder. Placing her head back down on the pillow, tears started to form in her eyes as she was starting to remember her hopes and dreams.

They were gone, she had no chance now to show was the ground teams were missing. Closing her eyes, she was slowly engulfed by the doubt. The news of her legs made her oblivious of the nurse coming in to check if she was awake and leaving the scene. She opened her eyes after a few minutes of reflecting her training and her father cheering her on. Once the doctor had come in, she was already struggling to take of the oxygen mask.

“No! Stop that! What are you doing?” He said in a rather surprised look. He was surprised that she wasn’t feeling the pain of the stitches in her pelt. Though he did try to keep her laying while taking the mask off of her and disconnecting the instruments from her.

“I need to train more! I can’t let this take me away from my dreams!” She shouted as she was trying to buck, cringing from the pain as she noticed the pain now.

“You mustn’t strain yourself! You are still healing!“ He raised his voice, trying to reason with the upset filly. He looked to the nurse and lowered his voice. “Get me some sedatives. Now.”

“You don’t understand! My front legs are gone! I need to train harder because of that! I will get to my goal and this isn’t going to stop me!” She shouted at the doctor, who was still holding her down. The doctor did receive the sedatives and did inject the sedative into her. After a few minutes of struggling, Hopeful was unconscious.  The doctor sighed and moved away. Walking through the halls, he finally reached the waiting room. There, Hopeful’s parents were there with worry.

“I’m glad you are here. Your daughter is fine, just a little upset.” He started off, but was soon interrupted by the father.

“Upset? About what? What happened?” He asked, moving closer to the doctor in a rather threatening manner. The doctor did step back and cleared his throat.

“Well… She was involved it a pretty bad taxi wreck. She is currently the only one out of the coma, but… Her front legs were broken so badly that we had to amputate them both. Her front legs were not going to be able to heal correctly. If we had left it with splints.” He added the last part as he saw a doubtful look from the father. “I can let you see your daughter if you want to.”

With that, the family took the offer and visited their daughter. The parents were devastated to see their child in that condition.  They felt as if they were to blame, but continued to care for their child. They took turns visiting her as she was resting, thinking of ways to help her get better. The father wanted to get her back on her hooves and help her with achieving her goals, but didn’t know how to go about it. After a few days had passed, Hopeful was released from the hospital and was told not to strain herself.

She followed the rules until the stitches was removed. She started to train with her two legs only, traveling small distances at first, but soon started to build up enough endurance and strength to travel farther. During her jogs, she would be joined by strangers or would be stopped to talk to others. She started to open up. It was around then she realized her talent was, inspiring others and showing them that anything is possible.

When she returned back home, her parents managed to raise enough money to get her wheels to replace her legs. Her hope grew as she was happy that she would be able to walk normally. A few years passed and she moved from her parents and started to live her life as a way she wanted to.



Wolfie or Demon
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I am a nobody that loves to draw, write, role-play and is very shy. I tend to sound rude, but I am actually easily confused and have a hard time thinking logically. I am a pega-sister (or brony) who is also a semi-furry. I don't know, I'm confused know. I'll go to the corner now.
Hey guys. How's it going?

I moved from one home to another. I've settled down a bit, but I have come to another bump. I won't be able to submit my hand-drawn art for  a while since the scanner I have isn't wired right. Sorry for about this. I may try to work on some digital art as I should try something new. 
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